Who Are We?

We Are An Extension of WBG

Café for Missions allows us to provide consistent funding towards the five countries we are in US, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. Locally, it will allow us to rehabilitate our homeless community and provide jobs for them in Moreno Valley.

How We Work?


Are you a roaster? We import our green beans directly from the farm and can provide you with as many pounds as you may need for your shop. Message us to request a sample and quote!



We roast our own coffee locally to provide our partners with fresh coffee – roasted to your liking. Send us a message for a quote!

Mobile Coffee Cart

We are working on a mobile coffee cart expected to be up and running May 2019!

Farm. Us. You.

We have a partnership with a coffee farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala and source our beans directly from them. We roast the beans ourselves in order to provide you the freshest coffee. The benefit of having a direct partnership with the farm is that it allows us to keep costs low for you and us, all the while helping us raise the funds we need for our projects worldwide.

Our Goal


Needed to Reach Goal

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Yearly Subscription – Save 28%

Monthly Subscription – Save 20%

One Time Purchase


Church Partnership

Want to serve coffee at your church? We would love for the opportunity to have our coffee served at your church so that together we can further the Kingdom of God!

Coffee Shop Partnership

We love partnering up with coffee shops, both near and afar! Sell our coffee bags at your shop and/or serve our coffee on drip, either way you’re making an impact! If you're interested or have any suggestions on how your coffee shop can help, talk to us!

Individual Partnership

Interested in how you can make an impact as an individual? We’re looking for people who will join our mission and help us reach others.



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Coffee Shop Partnership

Individual Partnership

Church Partnership