Compassion Boutique- Moreno Valley, California

We always stand in awe when God moves.

This event was originally supposed to take place a couple weeks before, but God always has a plan when He gives a red light. Little did we know that headquarters would be overflowing with blessings as we received endless donations from people & companies in different cities.

Pushing back the date gave us the opportunity to advertise and prepare for this event. We had our young volunteers coming to HQ throughout the week to help us execute projects like building wood crates and clothing racks. This truly would have not been a success without them, these young kids helped us give Compassion Boutique the appearance we were looking for.

The day is here.

On March 11th, 2017, we had our very first soft opening of Compassion Boutique. Our volunteers were ready to work; the signs were up, donuts and coffee were picked up, and everything else was in place by the time it was 7am. This event was used to not only raise funds for Guatemala, but to really allow our community to get to know who we are as a Christian non-profit. What made us standout from any other yard sale that day was that we offered new but reasonably priced clothing.

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