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Promise 100

Learn more about Promise 100 by clicking on the link below!  https://wbglobal.org/take-action/promise-100/

Compassion Boutique Sale

We have an upcoming Compassion Boutique Sale July 22nd from 8am-2pm! We will be selling both new and gently used clothes, DIY projects, as well our own WBGlobal merchandise. 26711 Buckeye Terrace, Moreno Valley CA 92555 Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or donate any resalable items! https://www.wbglobal.org/contact

Summer Nights of Hope

Join us for Summer Nights of Hope every Friday from 7pm-9pm! These nights consist of Worship, learning about Jesus through the Word, and being in fellowship with others from different walks of life. Contact us for more info. https://www.wbglobal.org/contact

Good Kids

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Project With Video

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