Jerusalem, Israel

Our week in Jerusalem has been very eye opening.

Just as the Apostle Paul was on a mission, so are we. We have arrived in Jerusalem to preach a powerful word of hope and be a resource to all those inhabiting this land. It saddens us to see so much poverty, where so much history has taken place. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bless it, just as God instructs us to. We trust God brought us here for his people and the children.

This week we have networked with people from different reputable organizations and are expectant to see what part of Jerusalem God establishes our roots. We have encountered some opposition due to our faith, but we know that by planting a seed of truth, God will work in transforming peoples lives. It’s been a mission filled with insight and a better understanding of the need in Jerusalem and the Israeli Borders. We patiently wait to see what door’s God opens in the next three days.  Stay tuned and keep us in prayer.

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